Geneshift coming to Steam tomorrow


If you loved and played the original top-down GTA and Carmageddon for hours with friends or alone doing all kind of crazy fun stuff, then you will enjoy Geneshift.

Geneshift combines the top-down vehicle combat action of the GTA Series with the brutality and vehicle combat of Carmageddon as well as many co-op features like 8 vs 8 CTF, Checkpoint Racing, Zombie Survival and a 4 Player co-op Campaign mode. The game features various vehicles and around 25 weapons including explosives, smgs, snipers, shotguns and more (yes there is a FLAMETHROWER!!!). There is even a levelling system included with 33 balanced and diverse mutant skills.


Geneshift is truly an indie game. It has been developed by a very passionate and talented developer over a span of 8 years and has been now completed to be relased to the public. The game will be launched on the 23d May on Steamfor only $7.99 in the first week for Windows and Linux Systems.