Best game development engines for indie game developers


As a solo indie game developer or as a small dev team you don’t have the personal nor the budget of big gamedev company that can acquire and maintain huge and customized game code base. Thus we have created a list of our favourite game engines that are popular among indie devs and allow cross-platform development so your game can be released for windows, osx, linux and mobile platforms. Most of the listed game engines have a low barrier of entry which will allow you to focus on artwork, mechanics, gameplay and your vision, even if it means prototyping or taking part in a game jam!

First Game engines in the list require no or very little programming know-how and game engines at the that end require some or good programming skills.


++ Cross-Platform, ++ Visual Editor, ++ Easy Publishing, Subscription, Performance

Construct 2

++ Visual Editor, ++ Low entry barrier, + No Subscription, Sometimes poor Performance

Stencyl 3

++ Visual Editor with logic blocks, ++ Cross-Platform, - Subscription

GameMaker Studio 2

++ Visual Editor, ++ Tutorials & Guides, ++ massive community, - Cross-Platform publishing can be costly


++ Cross-Platform, ++ Integrated IDE, +- Scripting language,


++ IDE & Visual Editor, ++ Cross-Platform, + free, + 3D


++ Collaboration Development, ++ Cross-Platform, + Free, + 3D, + Web Technologies


++ Cross-Platform, + Free, + Web Technologies, + Community, - No IDE


++ Cross-Platform, + Free, + AS2 Syntax

Gideros Mobile

++ Cross-Platform, ++ IDE, + LUA, ++ Easy Publishing, - Tutorials

Corona SDKCorona SDK

++ Cross-Platform, ++ Community, + LUA, + Easy Publishing, - Subscription, - Online only


++ Cross-Platform, ++ Community, + Assets & Marketplace + 3d, - Subscription