7 upcoming pixel art indie games that will kick ass!


While digging through upcoming games we discovered great pixel art style indie games that you should check out and play when they are released.

Most of the games are still in early development stage but have a playable prototype you can try out now.

Lethal Running - a dystopian post-apocalyptical roguelite with procedurally generated levels.

Strikey Sisters - an arcade brick breaker with power-ups, boss fights and a co-op mode.

EvilQuest 2 - an action RPG where you play as the villain in a world filled with castles, dungeons, challenging enemies, quests and more.

Super Knight Quest - a retro arcade sidescroller straight out of the early 80s.

Project DragonTier - a procedurally generated dungeon crawler with roguelite elements, multiple classes, boss fights and more.

Mortal Metanoia - a fast-paced visceral platformer. You will need skill & practice to survive!

Grind Day - a skateboarding platformer with flips, ollies and evil robots.

Grind Day

Extra: Dead Cells - is already out on Steam Early Access and you should definitely check it out if you liked Castlevania or Oniken. Dead Cells is a replayable rogue-lite action platformer with gorgeous and dark retro pixel art. But be warned: the game is highly addictive!