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Trailer: Infinity Runner

Wales Interactive have released the launch trailer of Infinity Runner, a first person parkour runner set in a dark future, where you are a prisoner trapped on a massive spaceship, called the Infinity.


Oculus Rift: Ghostship Aftermath Gameplay

The developers of Ghostship Aftermath 2014 have released a preview gameplay video with Oculus Rift. Showing how realistic the gameplay will be when you will walk through the dark space ship corridors with a full space gear on.


Trailer: Steameria Tournament

[new_royalslider id=”129″] Steameria Tournament is a Steam Punk Free2Play first person shooter developer by Storm Bringer Studios. Fight-*‐to-*‐death tournament always was most popular sport in Steameria but without constant supply of war slaves it...

Ghostship Aftermath Teaser

[new_royalslider id=”100″] New Teaser Video of Ghostship Aftermath —a spin-off of CDF Ghostship for the Oculus rift— has been released. Ghostship Aftermath is a horror exploration game where you can walk freely on a...