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Badass Hero Trailer

Awesome Games Studio has released a trailer of their upcoming roguelite platformer shooter game Badass Hero. Where players will play through fantastic looking levels filled with freaky monsters and total of around 40 bosses...


Growing Pains is out on Steam

Growing pains is a fast and furious platformer which gives the genre a shake up with psychedelic graphics, a thumping soundtrack and an ingenious twist that you’ve never seen before.


Indie Game Trailer: Slip

After a successful Kickstarter Campaign, Slip is coming to Steam Greenlight. Slip is a fast paced platformer for the PC where you have to switch colour of your character to overcome various obstacles as well as mini-boss fights!


Trailer: Interstellaria

[new_royalslider id=”118″] Explore a vast sandbox galaxy! Experience the spirit of old school space games with modern mechanics. – Interstellaria