Slide Tackle, Pass, Slow Mo GOOOOAAAAAAALLL!!!

No referee, super-powers and skill based gameplay that’s what you call a fun football game. Kopanito All-Stars Soccer seems at first glance quite simple but it is one of the best and entertaining football games I have recently played. The game not only features over 100 national teams with different super-powers but also a local co-op with up to 5 players, online multiplayer, 16 tournaments, a goal gif generator, multiple AI difficulties, leaderboards and more.

Even though the game is still in Steam Early Access it has all the features, mechanics and no game breaking bugs I have encountered while playing. The game is actively developed and new features are added and planed like online multiplayer modes with duel, doubles, choas and complete mode.
Kopanito All-Stars Soccer has until the end of the month a 70% discount on Steam.

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