Insert Coin(s) to play: LASTFIGHT

Piranaking has released the LASTFIGHT teaser, and it looks and sounds superb! The 3D arcade style fighting game is based on the french comic books Lastman by Sanlaville, Vivès and Balak. The PC and Console game will come out this year and will support up to 4 player combat, will have 10 different characters, amazing combos, interactive environments, 8 arenas to fight in and more!

LASTFIGHT-Screenshot3 LASTFIGHT-Screenshot1

Be a Deer, be The Deer God

Crescent Moon Games and Cinopt Studios have released their successfully kickstarted and greenlit game The Deer God on Steam. In the atmospheric adventure game you play as a deer and explore a procedurally generated world with a day/night cycle and dynamic weather, meet other animals and people, mate with does, fight with enemies, complete quests and solve puzzles.

deergod deergod3 derrgod2

The Deer God is a must buy if you love amazing pixel art scenery with relaxing and atmospheric music and clear gameplay. The game is now available on Steam for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux platforms and will be launched for XBOX One and Wii U later this year.

Sci-Fi/Fantasy J-RPG: Edge Of Eternity

If you are a fan of J-RPGs then you should check out the Kickstarter of Edge Of Eternity by Midgar Studio. The game will have popular mechanics and features of well known J-RPGs like an active time battle combat system, an open fantasy world, branching storyline with quests and sub-quests, multiple characters, crafting system and of course epic music by guest composer Yasunori Mitsuda.

edge-of-eternity-combat edge-of-eternity-cat edge-of-eternity-map

The developers have released a Pre-Alpha Demo to try out for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Go to the Kickstarter page of Edge Of Eternity to download.

Explore the Cosmos in Cosmonautica

The german indie game studio Chasing Carrots has a fantastic space game out on Steam Early Access: Cosmonautica, a space simulation game with trading, space battles, ship management and hilarious space adventures. The game was recently updated with ui changes, improved travel system, bug fixes as well as a development status and a final release date for the Q1 2015.

cosmonautica-4 cosmonautica-3 cosmonautica-2