Merchants of Kaidan

If you are looking for a fantastic and marvellous looking trading game with roleplaying elements then Merchants of Kaidan is an ideal game for you. In Merchants of Kaidan you play as a travelling merchant with the goal to dominate the trading market in the Kingdom by buying and selling goods at the right season, at the right place and price. Furthermore the game has not only a complex trading algorithm but also 4 story lines, over 100 quests, mini games, multiple character control and more.


Merchants of Kaidan is available on Steam for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet

Blazing Griffin has released an alpha version of their real-time space strategy game with roguelike elements Distant Star: Revenant Fleet. The game even in it’s alpha stage is already fun to play, with excellent real-time space combat, dazzling explosions, colourful lasers, spaceships in various sizes and shapes and of course a goal to accomplish. Well, not only that but more and even more content and features will be added to the full game including: more sectors, more ship upgrades, new missions, …


You can buy and play the alpha via at

Painters Guild

Well this is indie game is something different. In Painters Guild you manage a guild of artists, historical (Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli, …) and generated, craft items, paint in different art styles, design your workshop interior and manage finances. Not only that but you can enjoy fantastic music and great art.

painters-guild painter-guild2

Painters Guild is currently in alpha (Play Alpha) but has already been Greenlit on Steam.

A Post-Apocalyptic Roguelike: Convoy

A post-apocalyptic world with inspirations from Mad Max and roguelike gameplay you may know from FTL where there is a lot to explore as each game start will create a new world with new objectives, events, and choices. In the game you manage a convoy of weaponized planetary vehicles unloaded from your spaceship that had an emergency landing on fringe world controlled by three factions. Your goal in the game is to get the parts you need to repair your spaceship while exploring, helping others in need, fighting raiders, and more.


Check out the Convoy Kickstarter campaign for more information and don’t forget to back!

Blackwake is on Kickstarter

YARRRRRRRGHHHHHHH!!!! I wanna be a pirate! and you probably too, so get on Kickstarter and check out Blackwake, a multiplayer pirate team based fps with sailing, first person combat with melee and ranged weapons, boarding, sea monsters, and more pirate things like growing a mustache, or a beard …


Blackwake has been in development since 2013 by two dedicated game developers and will be released 2015/2016 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

New In-Game Footage of Shallow Space

After a weeks of silence Shallow Space developers have released a new in-game video with warp animations, new weapons, new user interface and more as well as a re-designed website for the game.

Shallow Space is a Real Time Space Strategy Game that is already amazing even in the current stage. The game will feature a rich story arc, with random missions, factions, engaging space combat and building a customized Fleet comprised of variety of space ships, including a Capital ship, Cruisers, Frigates, Fighter Drones and other you may know from similar games like Nexus or Homeworld. The game is currently under heavy development with the goal to release an early access game in April 2015.


For more information and latest news check out Shallow Space website and sign up for the newsletter.

New type of Roguelike: Hand of Fate

Hand of Fate is a roguelike game with deck building, 3rd person combat and role-playing mechanics. The game is developed by Defiant Development and is currently on Steam Early Access with a 20% Discount.

Beyond the thirteen gates at the end of the world, the game of life and death is played. Draw your cards, play your hand, and discover your fate. Hand of Fate is a hybrid roguelike/action-RPG/deck builder, … -Defiant Development

Get Hand of Fate on Steam Steam Early Access

Explore & Survive the depths of an Alien World in SubRay

SubRay was developed by a Team of Students at DigiPen Institute of Technology in Washington and has won the Claude Comair Game of the Year Award. And that by creating an atmospheric and immersive survival exploration game where not only the visual style of the game is excellent but also the sound which accompanies you in the game. The underwater world in SubRay is stunning and is inhabited by various bioluminescent organisms that you can interact, hide from and if you must fight against.


If you liked Limbo, Botanicula, Machinarium or Nihilumbra then SubRay is the perfect game for you to try out. You can download and play the game for free on Website.