Sci-Fi/Fantasy J-RPG: Edge Of Eternity

If you are a fan of J-RPGs then you should check out the Kickstarter of Edge Of Eternity by Midgar Studio. The game will have popular mechanics and features of well known J-RPGs like an active time battle combat system, an open fantasy world, branching storyline with quests and sub-quests, multiple characters, crafting system and of course epic music by guest composer Yasunori Mitsuda.

edge-of-eternity-combat edge-of-eternity-cat edge-of-eternity-map

The developers have released a Pre-Alpha Demo to try out for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Go to the Kickstarter page of Edge Of Eternity to download.

Explore the Cosmos in Cosmonautica

The german indie game studio Chasing Carrots has a fantastic space game out on Steam Early Access: Cosmonautica, a space simulation game with trading, space battles, ship management and hilarious space adventures. The game was recently updated with ui changes, improved travel system, bug fixes as well as a development status and a final release date for the Q1 2015.

cosmonautica-4 cosmonautica-3 cosmonautica-2

A Spine-chilling, nighmarish Point & Click: Tormentum – Dark Sorrow

It’s rare that a dark, grim, spine-chilling games come out that have great gameplay, artwork and sountrack. Tormentum – Dark Sorrow is a fantastic example of such a game that just captures you in its surreal nightmarish world, with its point & click gameplay with moral choices, a grim soundtrack, logical puzzles and minigames and much more.

tormentum-3 tormentum-2

Tormentum – Dark Sorrow is coming out on the 4th March 2015 for Windows and Mac OSX.

A Subatomic Endless Runner: Fermi’s Path

The Game Developers behind Quantum Rush: Champions, Glory Wars have released a trailer for their upcoming game Fermi’s Path. An Endless runner where you play as a particle traveling through subatomic space. The game will be released on Steam, April 2015 and maybe for Mobile devices due to Unity3D as the game engine.


Steampunk city builder: Lethis – Path of Progress Gameplay Footage

The french game studio Triskell, has released first gameplay footage of Lethis – Path of Progress. Lethis is a classic city building game that doesn’t pretend to be more than it actually can do. In the game you will be able to manage the population, solve social issues, trade with other cities, complete missions and much more.

Steampunk city builder, screenhot Steampunk city builder, screenshot Steampunk city builder, screenshot

The game was recently Greenlit on Steam Greenlight and has overall positive community feedback. Lethis will be released 2015 for the PC platform.

Merchants of Kaidan

If you are looking for a fantastic and marvellous looking trading game with roleplaying elements then Merchants of Kaidan is an ideal game for you. In Merchants of Kaidan you play as a travelling merchant with the goal to dominate the trading market in the Kingdom by buying and selling goods at the right season, at the right place and price. Furthermore the game has not only a complex trading algorithm but also 4 story lines, over 100 quests, mini games, multiple character control and more.


Merchants of Kaidan is available on Steam for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.